Modern reusable nappies are funky yet practical: easy to use, better for your baby, better for the environment and will save you hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of disposables!


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There is a vast array of choice out there, not just the Terry squares your mother used to use. Bright colours, funky patterns & a choice of fabrics - cute and cuddly or slimmer fitting.
There's the added bonus of saving money and helping the environment - your baby will thank you for it one day!


Living near York, I am a mum of four, who has used a variety of real nappies over the years. I have tried and tested all the different types, the most popular brands and many more too!

It is with regret that I have now closed my online shop - there simply aren't enough hours in the day!

However, I remain passionate about cloth nappies and hope that the information contained in this website might help you decide which of the many types is suitable for your family.


The "How to choose" page is a good place to start.


If you are in the York area, why not get in touch with the York NCT Nappy Library? We do displays and demonstrations so you can see a wide selection of nappies to help you in your choice, and we have many reusable nappies available for trial. Please see the York NCT website for more info.

Recommended online nappy shops

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To be sure of independent advice and good customer service, I recommend that you look for a company that is a member of FCNR (the Federation of Cloth Nappy Retailers)

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